A long history of Passion

The love of historic cars, the desire to care for them and to restore them to their best, has driven this company on a journey lasting more than 60 years.

The Manenti Garage was founded in 1956, in the same building still used today in Cazzago San Martino, where initially they repaired any vehicle or equipment that had an engine.

But soon the owner realised that he was drawn inescapably towards a particular love for repairing cars. Many long hours were spent in the garage, often with his young sons by his side.

Between the oil and petrol, pliers and screwdrivers, pistons and gears, they were soon infected with the same passion for cars and their repair.

The Manenti brothers had no choice; at the age of just 13 they began to work alongside their father in the garage, which brings us to today: two generations’ experience of taking pleasure in each and every restoration and repair!

Classic Car Restoration brescia

Classic Car Restoration

The garage deals with the restoration of classic cars.
Specialising in the repair of mechanical and electrical elements.
Customer Support brescia

Customer Support

Providing technical and administrative support in relation to any aspect of the ownership and use of classic cars. The staff undertake inspections and tests for participation in classic car events, following customers throughout Italy.

Vintage Single-Seater Restoration Brescia

Vintage Single-Seater Restoration

This kind of mechanical restoration requires a high level of professional and technical knowledge, for a comprehensive understanding of cars such as Tony Kart, Bellasi, March, Lotus, Alpine, and De Sanctis.

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